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Healthcare cost is growing at crisis proportions and greater risk is being borne by families who need critical decision support information to make the best choice of healthcare plans, caregivers, and where to go for their care. The shift from defined benefit programs to defined contribution programs has put even greater risk on families that can threaten not only their health but their wealth and even survival. The advent of state health exchanges will dramatically impact the decision making of families who will have to calculate value, cost, and impact.

We are an Application Service Provider (ASP) providing a software as a service (SaaS) application to help families make the best choices for their care that addresses their unique circumstances:

  • The age and baseline health of family members can dramatically impact chronic care, emergency care, and prevention services that must be considered.
  • The healthcare plan coverage can have a dramatic impact on cost to a family that they may not completely understand. Typical scenarios such as high deductibility choices provide real insight to risk and choice.
  • The location of families can have huge impact on the care they receive. There is wide local variation in quality of care and the cost of that care even within the communities within driving range of where families live.

We also provide educational services including live classes, workshops, webinars, educational movies, and patient education courses which we distribute and teach on-line, or through distribution of CDs or DVDs. We teach through video conferences or in-person in the field of family care value calculation and distribute course material in connection with use of the Family Care Calculators.Computer Application Software is also offered by our platform that embodies the calculators for use by computers, mobile computing platforms and mobile phones. The software uses publicly available quality and cost scorecards, presented as graphic displays of healthcare safety, quality and value comparisons.

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