The 5 Rights of Imaging® Programs

Right Study, Right Order, Right Way, and Right Action

The 5 Rights of Imaging is a simple framework to optimize patient care while reducing preventable harm and waste. It is patient-centered because it organizes everyone’s attention along a patient’s care path. We developed it with global leaders of radiology, patients, and families to reduce the impact of overuse, underuse, and misuse of imaging services. The double play on words allows everyone to focus on the rights of patients to the best, safest, and most efficient care while making sure that the right study is selected, it is requested and prepared for properly in the right order, that it is undertaken the right way using the safest methods and technologies, that the answers the question being asked, and that the right actions are taken by caregivers using the report.

Patient-centered Research Programs

Healthcare processes are so fragmented that such frameworks are necessary for primary caregivers and radiologists to look beyond the walls of their own daily work to the path of the patient’s care. The 5 Rights of Imaging provides an opportunity innovation and a role for families to play fully on the healthcare team. We are undertaking research that has been co-designed with patients and CareMoms who will be implementing the use of checklists, video training programs, and other tools to help protect their families and optimize their care.

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    March 2023
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